About Us

Our mission is simple - to bring high quality, interesting, and of course tasty food and drinks to Cincinnati. When you walk through the doors, we want you to try things you can’t find anywhere else and have some fun in the process. We have cheese, wine, and beer from around the country and the world for you to enjoy.

Don’t get us wrong - we love local products and local businesses; that’s why all of our pigs we butcher in house are from local farms and our produce is also sourced locally as much as we can. We also make as much as we can from scratch - things like our bacon, mayonnaise, mustard, pickled veggies, and jams and marmalades are all made fresh in our kitchen each week.

We also do some things a little differently - our restaurant is counter service and we pay our staff a living wage, so there’s no tipping; if you really feel like you want to do something for great service, buy a bottle of wine to take home and enjoy, as we do pay our staff commission bonuses based on sales. You can also enjoy any beer or wine we have in our restaurant or take it home, all for the price listed; no corkage fee or price differential.